Rhett Langlands

Rhett Langlands

Investor Relations Manager

0415 300 015

02 9645 2400

[email protected]

Rhett started his Real Estate career in Bathurst, Central West NSW. Moving to Sydney in 2017 he began his new position at John B. Grant Real Estate. Beginning with a passion for exceptional marketing and maximising sale price for his clients in the country, became an excellent platform for his new role as our Business Development Manager. “As Business Development Manager my main objective is to make contact with as many landlords as possible and illustrate how our property management systems can give them a distinct advantage in maximising the financial potential of their investment property!” ‘’It all comes down to our process, delegated specialists and effective level of communication that makes all the difference’’! In the last three years our property management team has consistently maintained the lowest vacancy rates in our core area, which is just an example of a fraction of the quality service we deliver! Rhett prides himself on how he creates a point of value between himself and his competition which has earnt him a reputation for excellent results and the prestigious award of NSW rookie Business development manager of the year within his first year at working at John B Grant Real Estate.


"You even work on you day off."

Thank you so much Rhett Langlands and your team members! You are a champion! You have found the right tenant on the first open house and highly appreciated for your hard work. You even work on you day off. Your front line staffs are very friendly. Regards,

- Steven T

"Very pleased with their professionalism at John B.Grant Real Estate."

Just wanted to say thank you to Rhett Langlands. Very honest, upfront and straight to the point gentleman.

I'm a very busy person with a tight schedule. Rhett knew this and looked after me very well and didn't waste any time at all. Got down to business, he understood my needs and got my property leased within 3 days of having our first meeting and at the value i wanted.

Updated me through the whole process calling me at every step of the way informing me of what actions him and the team were doing.

Informed me when the ad for my property was going live, i was quite impressed with the video + photos for my ad.

Very pleased with their professionalism at John B.Grant Real Estate. Looking forward to the future with the team.

Would highly recommend if you have a property on the market and wanted it leased out right away to start getting income.

- Bruce P

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